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We fulfill our corporate social responsibilities


Yasunaga Group regards compliance as one of its highest priority management issues. In full awareness that company-wide rigorous compliance is the foundation of management, we always take actions compliant with our visions and missions, ensure compliance with all laws and regulations and in-house regulations applicable to our corporate activities, and commit ourselves to fair and just corporate activities compliant with social norms.

Corporate governance

We aim to establish a corporate governance system that will continuously enhance our corporate values by ensuring that all our executives and regular employees understand the importance of keywords such as fairness, impartiality, speed, legal compliance, transparency, and appropriate information disclosure in their day-to-day work duties.

Approaches to SDGs

Yasunaga Group has implemented our company mission statement;

Mission statement

Yasunaga is sensitive to the issues of the time,
we offer value added products based on our creative technologies,
and contribute to the enrichment of society through our products and services.

We engage ourselves to achieve SDGs as "the issues of the time" and contribute our products and services to "the enrichment of society."

Approaches to the environment

Yasunaga Group actively promotes global environmental protection activities in accordance with our basic environmental policy. Based on our ISO environmental management system, we are promoting comprehensive environmental protection activities, including pollution prevention and energy saving, and are committed to developing, manufacturing, and selling environment-improving products.

Approaches to quality

The basic quality policy of the Yasunaga Group states that we should pursue the highest quality to be competitive around the world. We are making constant efforts to understand customers’ needs and expectations and identify all applicable requirements including laws and regulations to offer products that meet all these criteria.

With local communities

As globalization progresses, the hometown of the Yasunaga Group has been expanding. It is our principle that each employee should act as a good citizen, Yasunaga Group as a good corporate citizen, always remembering to be a good member of the community through participation in community events or friendly interactions with neighbors.

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