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Casting parts

Offering higher-quality products through Yasunaga's unique high-hardness technology

Introduction of casting technologies

With our outstanding casting technologies, we can support a wide range of shapes and materials.

Casting processes

Photo: 1. Melting1. Melting

Photo: 2. Pouring and molding2. Pouring and molding

Photo: 3. Sand removal and cleaning3. Sand removal and cleaning



Photo: CamshaftCamshaft

Photo: Exhaust manifoldExhaust manifold

Photo: Flywheel housingFlywheel housing

Photo: Bearing capBearing cap

Photo: Shift forkShift fork

Photo: CrankshaftCrankshaft

Features and support example

  • We have expertise in materials cultivated through extensive manufacturing experience.
    * We provide the industry’s highest quality for cast iron such as FCD700, FCDHS, FCD500, and FCD250.
    ⇒Please contact us if you have iron casting manufacturing needs.
  • We support the entire manufacturing process, from casting to machining.
    ⇒We can provide a one-stop solution for both of iron casting and machining: You can streamline your order control process with our support.
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