Machine tools business

Assembly machines

Photo: Assembly machines

We produce automated/manpower-saving equipment based on hands-on experience and expertise.
The strength of our machines is the capability to customize according to customers’ unique requirements. We offer optimal equipment for various needs, from solving current problem, such as process integration and cycle time improvements, to multiple process automation.

Inverter assembly machine

This equipment assembles the parts in the housing of inverters.
It can assemble inverters using image detection and multi-axis robots and peeling using laser technology.
Assembly and inspection can be unified through collaboration with our inspection technology.

  • Target workpieces: Inverter

Sheet rewinding machine

This machine combines two different sheets while winding.
It uses the web handling method, from roll to un-roll, and can also prevent misalignment using tension control.

  • Target workpieces: Sheet products

Rubber seal assembling machine

This machine assembles rubber sealing onto resin cases.
Randomly placed rubber seals can be recognized by image detection and picked up piece by piece. Our original special positioning mechanism can assemble even soft workpieces with accuracy.

  • Target workpieces: Resin cases

VVT assembly machine

This machine assembles variable valve timing (VVT) mechanism units.
We can propose assembly processes according to suit various parts with required cycle times and machine concepts for quality control using our original technologies.
We can also make overall proposals.

  • Target workpieces: Variable valve timing (VVT)