Environmental equipment business

As a manufacturer creating an environments for a prosperous future


Daily life applications

  • Septic tank aeration
  • Jacuzzi air supply
  • Air cleaners
  • Disposer wastewater treatment systems
  • Fuel cells

Medical and healthcare

  • Air beds (and mattresses)
  • Bedsore prevention mattresses
  • Massage machines
  • Physical therapy equipment
  • Low frequency therapy equipment

Factories and other industrial locations

  • Aeration of water-soluble cutting fluids
  • Air tweezers
  • Various burners
  • Bubble cleaning machines
  • Gas analyzers
  • Backwashing of filtration systems
  • Fuel cells

Fish farming and aquariums

  • Fish farming ponds
  • Aquarium tanks

Air pump


Air pump with low energy consumption
leads great future potential

Photo: Air pump

These products have won a high reputation in a wide range of fields centered around living environments, as well as in the industrial and medical fields. A considerable number of units have been sold in the United States, Europe, and other parts of the world.

Corporate Site


YASUNAGA Clean-tec Corp.

Unique comprehensive disposer system
manufacturer in the industry

Photo: Disposer

We have developed disposer systems that contributes to the solution of the garbage problem. We are committed to water issues and believe that water should be returned to nature in a state of purity. We are making efforts to revive water, the source of life for all species, and the nature.