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Automotive/industrial engine parts

We provide the "best" solutions to our customers with our reliable technology and experience.

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5C parts

Photo: Connecting rod01Connecting rod

Photo: Cylinder head02Cylinder head

Photo: Cylinder block03Cylinder block

Photo: Camshaft04Camshaft

Photo: Crankshaft05Crankshaft

Figure: 5C parts

Photo: Camshaft04Camshaft

Photo: Crankshaft05Crankshaft

Figure: 5C parts

Other parts

Photo: Oil panOil pan

Photo: Bearing capBearing cap

Photo: Flywheel housingFlywheel housing

Photo: Balance shaftBalance shaft

Photo: Hydraulic lash adjusterHydraulic lash adjuster

Photo: Exhaust manifoldExhaust manifold

Photo: Throttle bodyThrottle body

Photo: Converter housingConverter housing

Features and support example

  • Able to handle customers’ requirements: 1-piece prototypes and service parts to mass production.
    ⇒In addition to mass-produced products, we can also support temporal over-flow demand from capacity shortage and outsourcing requirement of service parts.
  • Able to design/implement machining lines with new/existing equipment.
    ⇒We can support customer’s own conditions: Efficient mass production in brand-new machining lines, investment reduction through existing equipment utilization, and in-house space remodeling by line transfer
  • Able to offer optimized proposals for customers’ requirements based on our expert know-how accumulated working on a variety of products.
    ⇒You can consult us about more efficient machining methods.
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