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Challenging the Expanding Market for Electrified Components

Our products

Figure: Our products

Figure: 製品の紹介

Photo: Inverter housingInverter housing

Photo: Brake actuator housingBrake actuator housing

Photo: Transaxle housingTransaxle housing

Photo: Motor stator housingMotor stator housing

Features and support example

  • We provide these high-quality products using our own expertise in machining and quality from extensive experience machining automotive parts.
    ⇒We can plan short-term launching of high-quality machining lines to respond to rapid growth of the electrification vehicle market.
  • We can provide flexible machining solutions: From low- to high-volume, as well as line transfer.
    ⇒We can provide outsourcing solutions: yosedome, the consolidation of operations or processes of previous models and the mass production of new models.
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